How a three-decade, madly challenging (health)journey, that almost brought a
fierce optimist to her knees, multiple times, became the inspiration for a mission
to bring more awareness, joy and unity into the lives of others.

the force of my nature 
Wildly positive at heart, it would take a serious amount and degree of adversity to push me beyond my absolute limits and the end of my rope. But with its infinite options and a somewhat dark sense of humor, the Universe delivered just the right type and sequence of affairs to keep me on my toes and an ongoing quest for 30+ years.

A pursuit filled with curious new directions and challenges; making it impossible for me to become complacent for even a second. Or catch my breath. Oh, how I long for some fresh air to fill my struggling lungs, but each time I feel I can finally enjoy a modest sigh of relief I am brutally hit by the next wave, pulling me down again into the cold darkness of innocent looking but hostile waters.

It's as if I am always barely holding on to a raft of driftwood I've been able to assemble from a shattered lifeboat, trying not to drown while dealing with the other challenges the middle of the ocean so kindly offers. Not just having been able to keep myself alive where most would have perished a long time ago, I even managed to build something on that raft; with whatever I had been able to create with what was available around me, however little or even barely visible to the naked eye and how slow the process.

"We will either find a way or make one" Anibal Barca

I've always been pretty much a determined but go-with-the-flow kind of gall, but over time and increasingly so, the degree and combination of difficulties that kept coming and changing has driven me to the absolute edge of my sword, allowing me to discover my warrior spirit. The sword a nice pun for discovering my passion for writing. All the while growing into a more expressive, extraverted version of my super shy younger self ;).

Not just betrayed by life but by too many people, including those I should have been able to trust with my life. But however challenging and too many experiences I would very much like to keep in the past, they are what have allowed me to grow in ways that would never have been possible without them, nor what I have been able to or will create. For that, I am deeply grateful, as well as now being able to use it to maybe guide others, sharing whatever may be of inspiration or help in some way.

All of my creations are different keys to my voice, now mostly through language. Speaking from the eye of an amount and severity of storms most people will never be able to imagine, allowing me to discover a beauty most may never witness. As well as to see how much more common ground we unwittingly share with the potential to fill our societies' growing divide.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein

Grateful to still be alive, my writing and poetry is a testimony of my transformation within a life of unfathomable hardship and challenges in all areas simultaneously, beating the odds in more ways than one, while focused on themes and the world at large.

This website is a visual representation of how I live: following my heart and inspiration, even when it feels (super) scary. This means stepping out of my comfort zone quite a bit. One of those ventures ―to publish my heart and soul titled Emerald Heart (that became a fascinating journey of its own) ―resulted in the website you're on now. Inspired by someone muy especial through a life-changing connection, writing has become my passion and purpose. Read more (with samples) or check out my bio & publications

high vibrational, down to earth

A resident of the coastal region of that quaintly shaped country, I was born and raised in a small city in the east of The Netherlands. I've mostly always been very practical, although spiritual in some sense. Through the magic of my life's journey, however, I was introduced to beauty and perfection I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams. Which naturally came with getting more and more spiritual over the years, while still very down to earth; I'm still interested in honest and ethical science for example but also the very earthly joys of life.

Because I believe both are part of and related to the same source and origins of existence, simply different angles and ways of experiencing, understanding and appreciating consciousness. Enjoying the best of both worlds I guess. For me, the perfect combination and fully embodying 'my spiritual self having a human experience' as they say, although usually not in that context. To me, the human or earthly aspect is equally important, it's what we came here to experience.

creative and intuitively passionate

A curious Dutch(wo)man with a fierce zest for life, I have a habit of following my heart and intuition into the unexpected and unknown. Getting my heart & soul published for the world to see is a great example of that, and one with a fascinating and steep learning curve. Doing the impossible in what turned out to be a long and beyond challenging healing journey, another adventure presented itself: a whole new world opened up to me, one I had no idea existed...

peace & joy, right?
clicking the image takes you to a bit more on what I call Two Stages Of Spirituality with a fun clip that, to me, illustrates this concept perfectly; and likely relatable to anyone who has been through a spiritual awakening and stayed on that fascinating but at times maddening journey. Well, as if we're able to escape such a transformative wake-up call, not allowing us back to sleep even if we want to.