'What we've lost as humanity, isn't so much
our mind, it's our heart: the native home
to a stunning crystal voice. In its pure state,
inherently fluent in truth and reason ―a source of love:
unconditional, as well as authentically blind.'
from Rules Of Disengagement, Unity I Am


the trailer I created for something I hope to be able to continue soon and I think a powerful message by itself (outro: piano-intro from When We Stand Together, cover by U-Neeq)


ABOUT MY POETRY: '[...] Whatever the subject, through observation, contemplation and compassion, and a critical eye when useful or necessary, there is always an invitation to a bigger picture that I think is so often lost or forgotten. Above all, it's my sincere wish my words can offer some hope and inspiration ―to be part of real positive change, like so many others who seek to do the same.[...]' (click to read in full)