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high vibrational, down to earth

A Dutch resident in the coastal region of that quaintly shaped country, I was born and raised in the east of it. I've mostly always been very practical, although spiritual in some sense*. Through the magic of my life's journey, however, I was introduced to a beauty and perfection I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams (followed by the valuable discovery that several supposed crucial notions and spiritual and law-of-attraction teachings are sadly oversimplified as well as missing key elements and more importantly: dimensions). Which naturally came with getting more and more spiritual over the years, while still very down to earth. I'm still interested in - ethical - science for example. Because I believe both are part of and related to the same source and origins of existence, simply different angles and ways of experiencing and appreciating consciousness. Enjoying the best of both worlds I guess. For me, the perfect combination and fully embodying 'my spiritual self having a human experience' as they say, although usually not in that context. To me the human or earthly aspect is equally important, it's what we came here to experience.

writer, designer, passionate creator

As well as the creator we all are in essence. Another aspect I guess I've always naturally embraced as there is no real limit to the kind of thing I enjoy when it comes to creating. Whatever is able to create something with, I'm likely open to and loving it. Like Albert Einstein said: "I have no special talents. I'm only passionately curious.", which definitely applies to me too. As well as always seeing possibilities & solutions, even if there don't seem to be any. And for some reason I keep seeing them, no matter how impossible something may seem at some point even for me. But always coming from and following my heart & intuition. To me the key to living and being our best self, as well as the easiest way to move through life, whatever the circumstances. Most of what I've come to do is simply from the desire to create something following an idea, sudden inspiration or hunch and learning new things along the way. Which helped me to improve several skills tremendously over the years, however because of how I do things - like following my heart and intuition - always automatically in a very natural and playful way.

driven by inspiration

This website is the result of my writing endeavors. One of those things that started to brew inside of me while the Universe had been throwing numerous signs and messages about it for quite some time already. Getting increasingly stronger and harder to deny. It had become crystal clear I'm meant to not just write, but publish my work. The initial book, a memoir, it all started with is nowhere close to the publishing-stage yet, but in the meantime - to my own surprise - the inspiration for writing poems, and other books, started to arise. One day I felt and knew they were meant for the world to see and enjoy. Since intuitive nudges never come with an instruction manual or any clear steps for that matter, not with me anyway, it turned out I went about that in not in the best way and I've made about every mistake possible. But this only meant an impressive learning curve and the initial feeling still stands, strong as ever: that they are meant to touch the hearts and be enjoyed by others. I'm finding my way to them while the inspiration for new poems kept flowing. Around the same time, another publishing route became apparent. One I've had the general idea for a couple of years already, but the actual ideas for that suddenly also came pouring in. An oracle deck in which I've combined two very different things wrapped in a fun & contemporary cover. And there are now several other projects I can't wait to pursue.

The rest on here is just to showcase my other creative passions I once or still have I feel like sharing. Because it's all a part of who I am. As well as the proud results of always having found uncommon ways, while often making impossible choices to do or create something in the tiniest of steps whenever and in whatever way I could, despite extremely challenging circumstances all those years. Creating is in my blood and what makes me happier than anything.

* basically this was always a deep knowing there's more between heaven and earth. I've also always had an interest and was open to the unconventional and sixth sense type stuff

“Creativity is intelligence having fun"

~ Albert  Einstein ~

“Spirituality isn't a 'trend'. Being spiritual isn't about gaining a new personality, getting a new vocabulary or wardrobe, buying crystals or doing yoga. It's about returning to your natural state.”

Youhaan's spirit

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