The Two Stages of Spirituality

Spirituality - that's about serenity, (seeking) an understanding of who we are from a bigger perspective, connecting to a higher part of ourselves and existence; feeling blissful as we learn, grow and evolve into a more enlightened version of ourselves, right?


Yeah, think again ;). At least when we really get into it and dive deep into the celestial waters that truly transform our earthly selves, according to my philosophy and experience. It's an amazing process but doesn't always look pretty. And that's an understatement. To me there are roughly two stages that characterize our spiritual journey, alternating at random and accompanied by the full spectrum of human emotions. Which I believe we are meant to feel and go through (without hurting or putting it on others, aside from talking to someone about it if you have someone who understands or is open to what you are going through and that's what you feel like doing of course). Not to push those emotions away by 'being positive', it won't work anyway, being positive is part of our natural state, so you'll be that more and more the closer you get to the real you. To make it more interesting – and confusing – that alternation ramps up the further you get along while getting more intense, in my experience that is.


Why ?


Well, maybe the divine, God, the universe – however you want to call it – has a weird and a bit twisted sense of humor. Or... it may have to do with shedding the layers that we were taught to believe as we work through and release our shadows and karma which comes with valleys or even what is usually referred to as the dark night of the soul. And it can get really dark. Though hów dark can, and I think will, greatly depend how much we took on as a soul and came here to transform. It could be both. Either way, I do think humor is always good for any occasion and a nice way to approach this as well, so here's my - not entirely serious - take on spirituality and its (two) stages:


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