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Unity I Am

Rules Of Disengagement (fragment) - Unity I Am
Rules Of Disengagement (fragment) - Unity I Am

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A Home That Belongs (fragment) - Emerald Heart
A Home That Belongs (fragment) - Emerald Heart

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A Pearl To Change The World (fragment) - Unity I Am
A Pearl To Change The World (fragment) - Unity I Am

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Rules Of Disengagement (fragment) - Unity I Am
Rules Of Disengagement (fragment) - Unity I Am

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                          From  the poems  I was  inspired  to  create that  became Emerald Heart, writing poetry emerged  as

                          my new and  maybe  greatest  passion, one  never chose and  still have no say in: it really chose me.

                        However, although I've come a long way and have grown quite a bit in the process, I'm not the best poet nor may I ever come anywhere close. I think it's not even the power of my words or the message within them, though this is an important part of it. I believe it's mostly the power behind  my writing and voice that may resonate with those who are meant to find it: an energy connecting us all that can't be studied or explained (yet) but is felt by anyone who's eyes the gates to our soul connect with mine through my poetry. Within different styles and subjects they carry a message of beauty, strength and/or unity. In true love & connection (Emerald Heart* poetry in love; revised and extended, 2022); within myself & the world around me (Still Waters Don't Run** a poetic journey) as well as our human collective (Unity I Am* poetics of unity, 2022).

the Poet that wanted to become

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​Whatever the subject, through observation, contemplation and compassion, there is always an invitation to a bigger picture that I think is so often lost or forgotten. Above all, it's my sincere wish my words can offer some hope and inspiration – to be part of real positive change, along with so many others who seek to do the same. Each in our own ways using our unique talents and gifts, as warriors of light & truth, laborers of LOVE: the universal currency with the ability to ever grow & expand and never loses its value.


* seeking representation

** in progress



words to my soul ~ Emerald Heart

Out of nowhere, in the

only way possible there he was:

changing everything...



'Are you a fan of romance and all matters of the heart? I never was. Not because I wasn't into love or didn't know it: I have been in a wonderful 21-year relationship with a man who was the love of my life. Really down to earth, I simply didn't have a romantic bone in my body. Then one chilly winter's day in 2016 single but not looking for or even open to anything new while housebound a stranger in my doorway would change that and so much more. Barely in my life and for only a few months, he would become the inspiration for the poems in this intimate book about the life-changing journey of love I had no choice but to be on.'

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to all of creation - UNITY I am 

a labor of love in honor of our

human family: unique, individual

sparks of celestial genius – together

adding up to the ultimate One.

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Unity I Am offers miscellaneous styles of poems that contemplate our global society as well as a message of unity, compassion and encouragement. A message that is not just welcome in all and the various ways this can be provided but much needed: now more than ever.


Through at times critical but mostly loving eyes, Unity I Am seeks to present a bigger picture to a world that seems so lost. To me, humanity is not so much lost but searching, evolving and realigning while immersed in chaos. Similar to that of a building going through major renovations and upgrades, however painful this process can be and unfortunately is.


It's my heartfelt wish my words can shine some light onto our amazing world and be part of the efforts by many in bringing us together where we have become so divided. We come from one, we are one - now all we need is to remember and feel it, to embody it once again.


deliciously  fun wisdom ~ oracle cards (in progress)


Fortune-telling and divination is serious business... or is it? Most often used for issues that really matter to us and in that sense, yes, it's serious. But that doesn't mean it can't have a fun side to it, right?


A box for a set of 52 oracle cards combining 2 concepts with a theme that adds a bit of fun to it. That won't make sense without seeing it but all you're gonna get is a sneak peek for now ;).

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