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I am a curious Dutch(wo)man in my 40ies with a fierce zest for life and the habit of following my heart and intuition into the unexpected and unknown. Doing the impossible in what turned out to be a long and beyond challenging healing journey, another adventure presented itself: a whole new world opened up to me, one I had no idea existed. At that time I was already familiar with and consciously working with universal law for several years. Going through that door introduced me to some of the darkest but mostly: brightest and most magical places...  Read more

creative, curious & passionate

ABOUT MY POETRY [...] Whatever the subject: through observation, contemplation and compassion, there is always an invitation for a bigger picture that I think is so often lost or forgotten. Above all, it's my sincere wish my words can offer some sort of hope and be part of a new direction, of genuine positive change - along with so many others who seek to do the same..[...]          (click to read in full)